Digital Autograph Platform


The Social Ink project was initially inspired from our work with Taylor Swift.   Taylor was the first star of this generation to recognize that the truest way to grow your fan base is through meaningful 1×1 engagement.   Yet with the popularization of social media celebrities now have fans spread out all over the world, making it very difficult for celebrities to connect with fans on a more personal basis.

Social Ink was built to solve this problem by allowing celebrities to send fans personalized 1×1 content—in the form of personalized autographs and custom video messages—to fans anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

The Social Ink platform is a combination of web, mobile web platforms and an iOS application. Fans request these autographs and video messages through a web and mobile optimized landing page—generated by a custom landing page builder that we developed. Once the fan submits their request, it is sent via API to an iOS application built exclusively for celebrities to respond to these requests. The Social Ink iOS app then allows celebrities to then send digital autographs by simply signing using the iOS touch screen and record personal video messages using the iOS camera. Once finished the personalized content is emailed directly to the fan.

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